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Here at Just Juice, we understand that our premium e-liquids deserve the very best vaping hardware. That’s why we have partnered with some of the biggest names in vaping - including the likes of SMOK, Geekvape and VooPoo - to ensure you are using high-quality hardware.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect new device to try out a new Just Juice shortfill flavour, fancy trying a new pod while transitioning from smoking, or you’re after nic salt vape kits to provide you with a selection of fruity, nicotine-infused flavours, you’ll find everything you need and more in our range of vape hardware.

Vape Kits for All Levels

If you’re brand new to vaping, our beginner vape kits are the perfect introduction for you. Everything you need to get started is included with these all-in-one kits. All of these vape kits are reliable and feature user-friendly features without compromising on overall performance. We offer several different designs available with multiple finishes for you to choose from.

Have you already started your vaping journey and you’re looking for more cutting-edge hardware, take a look at our range of intermediate vape kits. All of these kits have been designed for vapers looking to step up their vaping game from the beginner level.

If you’re an experienced vaper, our advanced vape kits are perfect for you. These kits feature very powerful devices with a plethora of adjustable settings that allow you to customise your vaping experience to match your personal preferences. If you’re looking doe cutting-edge technology, advanced features and stylish designs then take a look at our advanced vape kits.

Explore Our Huge Collection of Vape Kits

If you’re looking for something different, we highly recommend visiting our huge range of e-liquids. We have over 100 e-liquids for you to choose from.

If you have any questions or if you’d like to speak to some experts, please contact us. Our team are happy to chat with you and help you find your perfect product.

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  1. Just Juice x Oxbar RRB Apple & Pear on Ice
    Buy any 2 RRB's & get 1 FREE!
    Just Juice x Oxbar RRB Apple & Pear on Ice
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  2. Just Juice x Oxbar RRB Berry Burst
    Buy any 2 RRB's & get 1 FREE!
    Just Juice x Oxbar RRB Berry Burst
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  3. Just Juice x Oxbar RRB Blue Raspberry
    Buy any 2 RRB's & get 1 FREE!
    Just Juice x Oxbar RRB Blue Raspberry
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  4. Just Juice x Oxbar RRB Berry Burst & Lemonade
    Buy any 2 RRB's & get 1 FREE!
    Just Juice x Oxbar RRB Fusion Berry Burst & Lemonade
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  5. Just Juice x Oxbar RRB Mango & Passionfruit | Just Juice
    Buy any 2 RRB's & get 1 FREE!
    Just Juice x Oxbar RRB Mango & Passionfruit
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What Is a Vape Kit?

A vape kit is an all-in-one kit so you can start vaping straight away and not worry about any missing components. There are different levels of vape kits depending on how familiar you re with vaping. If you are new to vaping then our beginner vape kits could be perfect for you as they are very easy to use. However, if you’re a seasonal vaper than our intermediate vape kits are the ones for you.

What’s Included with A Vape Kit?

Most of our vape kits include:

  • - Vape device
  • - A Spare Pod
  • - Charging cable
  • - User manual

However, this can vary depending on the vape kit. If you need assistance with this, please contact us today. Our vaping experts are always happy to help you.

What Brands Are Available?

Here at Just Juice, we are extremely proud of the premium vape brands we feature. Some of the brands include:

Do They Come With E-Liquids?

Yes, all of our vape kits come with at least 1 free e-liquid. You can pick your favourite flavour from our entire range.

How Do I Clean My Vape Kit?

Proper maintenance and cleaning are crucial to ensure your vape kit functions correctly and lasts longer. Regularly clean the tank, replace the coil when it becomes worn. If you need further assistance on this, please contact us right away. Our vape experts are always happy to offer you guidance.

Additional Information

Vape kits and hardware for beginners

If you’ve recently given up smoking and want to try vaping but don't know where to start, we’ve got your back. From our limited edition Just Juice x VooPoo kit, which contains a top of the range VooPoo device and all four of our Exotic Fruits flavour nic salts, to the VooPoo Vinci Pod Kit for rookie vapers, getting everything you need to make your transition from smoking to vaping has never been easier.

Hardware for experienced vapers

As well as our range of starter devices and juice kits, we also stock standalone vape hardware for more seasoned vapers. Our SMOK and Geekvape devices, for example, are both lightweight, high performance vapes designed for enthusiasts. You can even opt for the SMOK or Geekvape device with our 50/50 Just Juice five pack kit - an ideal gift for that vape lover in your life.