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Brutal Vape Juice & E-Liquids

Buy any 2 Brutal Shortfills for only £24.99

If you love the taste of old school sweet flavours then you will love our budget friendly Brutal by Just Juice.

We know it can be difficult to quit smoking and switch to vaping, that is why the majority of switchers find the process easiest when they vape flavours they know and love!

Most importantly, nobody wants to feel like they have wasted their money, especially during todays climate! That is why we created these incredible flavours with budget in mind, ensuring that they are affordable for as many people as possible.

Currently, Brutal by Just Juice is available in 120ml bottles which are filled with 100ml of amazing flavour with 20ml spare for you to add nicshots if you wish to have a nicotine based vape.

But don’t take our word for it - if you are looking for a healthier way of getting your nicotine hit, or you’re just on the hunt for tastier vape juices, give Brutal a go today. Our e-liquids are so good, you’ll wonder how you ever vaped without them!

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