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11mg Nicotine E-Liquids

Each designed to perfectly offer a phenomenal flavour that provides a smooth throat hit, here at Just Juice our range of 11mg e-liquids are second to none.

Ideal if you are transitioning from smoking to vaping, these nicotine boosters come in 10ml bottles, both in the form of unflavoured nic shots that can be added to a shortfill, or delicious nic salts that come pre-flavoured and are ready to vape on purchase. Whichever 11mg vape juice you opt for, you can rest assured it will provide enough of a nicotine boost to help you kick cigarettes for good.

A superior choice of innovative flavours

When you shop with Just Juice, you know you are buying some of the highest quality e-liquids available in the UK. With a wide range of innovative and original flavours, from our exotic fruits to our exciting fusion flavours and perfectly balanced menthol ‘ice’ juices, find your new favourite flavour in this outstanding selection of e-liquids.

The perfect transition nicotine strength

Whether you vape using individual nic salts or add a pure 11mg nic shot to your favourite 50ml shortfill, vaping a liquid of this strength is roughly the equivalent of smoking between five and fifteen regular cigarettes a day. This means our 11mg juices are the ideal strength to keep your cravings at bay during the early stages of quitting smoking. This makes it a healthier, more affordable, way of achieving your nicotine hit. For those looking for stronger nicotine boosts, we also stock 12mg and 20mg juices.

Check out our whole range of TPD-compliant e-liquids (11mg) below.

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