Welcome to the future of vaping, where innovation meets style and functionality. Our latest additions, the OXVA Xlim SE 2 and Uwell Caliburn G3 are here to redefine your vaping experience. Let's dive into the unique features of each device and discover what sets them apart.

OXVA Xlim SE 2: Compact Elegance

Sleek Design

The OXVA Xlim SE 2 boasts a sleek and compact design that fits perfectly in your hand. Its elegant aesthetic makes it not only a powerful vaping tool but also a style statement.

Adjustable Wattage

 Customize your vaping experience with the adjustable wattage feature. Whether you prefer a subtle draw or a cloud-chasing experience, the OXVA Xlim SE 2 caters to your preferences.

Voice Broadcasting Technology

 A device that keeps you in the loop, with notifications of your battery life and pod status.

Intelligent Airflow Control

Experience smooth and satisfying draws with intelligent airflow control. Tailor the airflow to your liking for a personalised vaping journey.

Replaceable Coils

The OXVA Xlim SE 2 has replaceable pods, allowing you to easily switch between pod options for a diverse vaping experience.

Why Choose OXVA Xlim SE 2?

If you crave a combination of style, power, and convenience, the OXVA Xlim SE 2 is your go-to choice. Its thoughtful design and advanced features make it a must-have for novice and experienced vapers. Plus to make it even better we’ll give you 2 free nicsalts of your choice.

Uwell Caliburn G3: Innovation Redefined

Long-Lasting Battery

Never worry about running out of power. The Uwell Caliburn G3 has a long-lasting battery that keeps you vaping all day.

Pro-FOCS Technology

Uwell's Pro-FOCS technology ensures an unparalleled flavour experience. Enjoy rich and satisfying flavours with every puff.

Fast Charging

Need a quick recharge? The Uwell Caliburn G3 features fast charging capabilities, getting you back to vaping quickly.

Intuitive LED Indicator

Keep track of your battery life with the intuitive LED indicator. No more guessing – know when it's time for a recharge.

Top-Fill Design

Refilling your pod has never been easier. The top-fill design of the Uwell Caliburn G3 eliminates mess and hassle.

Why Choose Uwell Caliburn G3?

For those who demand innovation and versatility, the Uwell Caliburn G3 is the answer. Its cutting-edge features make it a standout choice in the world of vaping. Plus to make it even better we’ll give you 2 free nicsalts of your choice!


Whether you opt for the sleek OXVA Xlim SE 2 or the innovative Uwell Caliburn G3, you're in for a vaping experience like never before. These devices combine style, functionality, and advanced technology to cater to the diverse preferences of vapers. Elevate your vaping journey with these two exceptional additions to our collection.

Ready to take the plunge? Explore the OXVA Xlim SE 2 and Uwell Caliburn G3 on our website and embark on a vaping adventure like no other! If neither of these devices is for you, we highly recommend looking at our large collection of vape kits.

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