We are delighted to reveal the latest addition to the Just Juice range, our first ever CBD product!

The demand for a high-quality CBD liquid is increasing at a rapid rate and we are excited to give our customers a product they are longing for.

Just like the rest of our products our CBD has been produced with the best possible formula fulfilling our standards of giving customers a superior e-liquid.

Since CBD was first introduced onto the market in its various forms it has often had a negative stigma attached. However, recently the wave of negativity has decreased as the huge amounts of medical benefits to the public are being recognised.

Our belief is that our CBD will offer the best possible liquid on the market to any current or future CBD users.

Packaged in our specially designed 10ml bottle and premium box, our flavourless CBD shot has been designed to turn any 50ml shortfills into a potent CBD product.

We’ve created the strength to help our customers manage their intake. Adding this 1200mg liquid to a 50ml shortfill will create a true 60ml, 200mg CBD vape. It couldn’t be more convenient or better value.

Just Juice CBD is available to pre-order for business customers right away, if you wish to place an order do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

Non business customers will be able to order from the middle of February. Keep an eye on our social media for updates.