The Reasons for the Ban

Recent government action targets to ban disposable vapes to protect youth from rising vaping rates and curb environmental pollution. Proposed measures include stricter regulations on vape displays, flavour restrictions, and plainer packaging to reduce appeal to minors. Environmental concerns stem from a doubling of vape litter and pollution in the past two years, with disposables posing fire risks during disposal.

While a confirmed date to ban disposable vapes is pending, users are encouraged to explore sustainable alternatives. Options like the Pod Salt Evolve Kit, OXBAR, and OXVA XLIM offer refillable and rechargeable devices, reducing waste and providing diverse flavour choices. These alternatives prioritize longevity and environmental friendliness compared to disposables.

Uwell Caliburn G3

Ideal for newcomers or those seeking simplicity, the Uwell Caliburn G3 Kit offers incredibly low maintenance. The kit includes a 900mAH built-in battery that produces enough charge for long vape sessions. Enjoy all of our juicy e-liquids with the Uwell Caliburn G3. You can choose any 2 of our juicy e-liquids to be included with this vape kit.

UWELL CALIBURN G3 in a Midnight Gold finish.


A refillable, rechargeable device that offers the convenience of a disposable, the OXBAR allows pod refills and device recharging. Offering up to 6000 puffs per charge, it significantly reduces waste and pollution compared to disposables. With varying nicotine strengths, it caters to different user preferences.



Packed with a 100mAH battery and a powerful 30W output, the XLIM SE 2 boasts compatibility with XLIM pods and adjustable airflow. Costing £18.99, it comes with two free e-liquids of choice and a spare pod. Its refillable pods and diverse flavour options promote sustainability and consumer choice.


Impact of Flavour Restrictions

Proposed flavour restrictions aim to reduce the appeal of sweet flavours to youth, but concerns arise regarding their impact on adult smokers seeking cessation. Limiting flavour options could hinder smoking cessation efforts, potentially driving consumers towards unregulated black-market products. Ensuring public safety and consumer choice while navigating flavour restrictions remains a critical concern.

As the date to ban disposable vapes looms, exploring alternative options is advisable. Uncertainty surrounds the potential impact of flavour restrictions, necessitating vigilance and ongoing updates. Stay informed of further developments regarding these regulatory changes. If you'd like further assistance and guidance on the ban on disposable vapes, please contact us right away.