Dear Vape Community,

As passionate advocates for vaping and its potential to help smokers transition to a safer alternative, we find ourselves deeply troubled by the recent proposal put forth by the UK government to ban vape flavours. This includes beloved varieties like fruits and sweets. This decision threatens not only the vibrant culture of vaping but also the health and well-being of countless individuals who rely on these flavours to stay away from traditional cigarettes.

At Just Juice, we've always stood for choice, innovation, and harm reduction. Our commitment to offering a diverse range of flavours isn't just about catering to preferences; it's about providing smokers with effective tools to kick the habit and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Here's why we believe the proposed flavour ban is misguided:

Harm Reduction

Flavoured vape liquids play a crucial role in harm reduction efforts. For many smokers, the transition to vaping is made easier by the availability of familiar and enjoyable flavours. Banning these options could deter smokers from making the switch, ultimately prolonging their exposure to the harmful effects of tobacco.

Adult Choice

Adults have the right to make informed decisions about their consumption habits. By restricting vape flavours options, the government is undermining this fundamental freedom and treating responsible adults like children who need to be protected from their own choices.

Economic Impact

The vape industry supports thousands of jobs and contributes significantly to the economy. A flavour ban would not only hurt businesses like ours but also jeopardise the livelihoods of countless individuals employed in manufacturing, retail, and distribution.

Vape Flavours Black Market Concerns

Prohibition has a long history of unintended consequences, and a flavour ban is unlikely to eliminate demand for flavoured vape liquids. Instead, it risks driving consumers to unregulated and potentially dangerous products on the black market, where quality control and safety standards are nonexistent.

Public Health

Contrary to popular misconceptions, flavoured vape liquids are not solely targeted at youth. Adults make up the majority of vapers who prefer flavours other than tobacco. By depriving adults of these options, the government is undermining public health goals and perpetuating misinformation about vaping.

Sign The Vape Flavours Petition Today

In response to this alarming proposal, we've launched a petition urging policymakers to reconsider their stance on flavoured vape liquids. We believe that a collaborative approach, grounded in evidence-based policy-making and respect for individual freedoms, is the key to addressing legitimate concerns while safeguarding the benefits of vaping for public health.

We invite you to join us in this fight by signing our petition and spreading awareness within your communities. Together, we can make our voices heard and protect the future of vaping in the UK.

Sign the petition today and let's defend our right to vape responsibly!