We are thrilled to share the significant findings of a recent French survey conducted by the influential polling institute BVA XSight. Between January 25 and February 5, 2024, this study polled 1,002 French individuals, including both smokers and vapers, to assess the impact of electronic cigarettes on smoking cessation and gather data on French attitudes and behaviours towards vaping. It offers crucial insights into the future of vaping in Europe.

The Results

The survey's results first reveal a pronounced positive appreciation of vaping, viewed by a large majority of the French as a health advancement. Indeed, 79% of electronic cigarette users and 87% of those who combine tobacco and vaping acknowledge their effectiveness in quitting smoking. However, it appears that 27% of respondents are still influenced by misinformation, believing that vaping is as, if not more, dangerous than tobacco, despite scientific evidence to the contrary. Fortunately, a large portion of users, 62%, report a significant improvement in their quality of life since switching to vaping.

This major study highlights the substantial potential of electronic cigarettes as a means of support in quitting smoking, with over half of the smokers expressing a desire to quit and nearly half of them considering vaping as the best method to achieve this. These figures illustrate the growing interest in safer alternatives among millions of smokers in France.

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The Economic Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

The economic benefits associated with vaping are also a highlight, with 81% of vapers reporting savings since their transition. However, the survey points out some frustration regarding the insufficient recognition of vaping's role by the French government and health authorities and suggests a more lenient taxation of vaping products compared to smoked tobacco. Another hot topic is the potential restriction of flavours, which particularly concerns young adults since 52% of them might turn back to tobacco if flavour options were limited (indeed, this is one of the projects mentioned by the French Government).

A Nicotine-Free Future with Just Juice

The findings of this BVA survey commissioned by Kumulus Vape are not just statistics; they represent a call to action for greater awareness and collaborative efforts in favour of vaping. At Just Juice, we reaffirm our commitment to offering innovative and safe products, supporting a harm reduction strategy. We strongly believe in the power of our community to transform perceptions and promote a tobacco-smoke-free future. Join us in this commitment to a healthier world!