Flavourless Vape Juice

When you’re looking for an unflavoured nicotine hit to add to your choice of delicious shortfill, take your pick from our selection of premium quality nic shots. Provided in handy 10ml bottles, these flavourless e-liquids are designed to be added directly to our 50ml shortfills to create a sublime vaping experience.

Choose from a range of different strengths to make vape juices that really hit the spot. Our nicotine shots come in 11mg, 18mg and 20mg strengths. Bear in mind that once added to a shortfill, the nicotine strength will be lower. Because nic shots are designed to be combined with 50ml shortfills, making a total volume of 60ml, you can calculate the nicotine strength of your finished vape juice by dividing the strength of the nic shot by six. For example, if you add an 18mg nic shot to one of our shortfills, the vaping liquid will have a strength of 3mg.

You can take your pick from different ratios of propylene glycol (PG) to vegetable glycerine (VG). Perhaps you enjoy the smooth feel and satisfyingly thick clouds produced by 100% VG shots, or maybe you prefer the more powerful throat hit delivered by our 70% VG or 50% VG nic shots. Just remember that for best results, you should look for a nicotine shot that has a similar ratio of VG to PG as your chosen shortfill.

Our flavourless e-liquids are made here in the UK using only pharmaceutical grade nicotine, VG and PG, so you know you’re getting the best vape juices when you buy from us.

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