Nicotine Free Vape E-Liquids

Available in a variety of mouth-watering flavours, our nicotine free e-liquids can be enjoyed on their own or mixed with nic shots to create a delicious and perfectly balanced nicotine free vape. The choice is yours.

Made from a combination of 70% vegetable glycerine (VG) and 30% propylene glycol (PG), our shortfills deliver big flavour and a smooth throat hit, as well as satisfyingly large clouds. Easier on the throat than lower quality alternatives, these 0mg e-liquids are a dream to use.

Choose from an array of tempting flavours. From Exotic Fruit creations such as Guanabana & Lime, Strawberry & Curuba and Lulo & Citrus to the rich, sweet notes of our Tobacco Club shortfill range, including the likes of Nutty Caramel and Vanilla Toffee, we have all the flavour combinations you could possibly want. We also offer classic creations such as Blue Raspberry and Lemonade, as well as fusion shortfills including Mango & Blood Orange on Ice and Berry Burst & Lemonade.

Can’t decide which flavour to go for? No problem. You can order a trial pack containing seven iconic flavours in 10ml bottles, giving you the chance to discover your favourite.

As well as our shortfills, we offer 30ml concentrates of 100% PG that deliver big on taste. These nicotine free e-juices are designed to be blended with 100ml base mixes, and you can enjoy them as standalone flavours or combine them to make your own flavour creations.

When you buy nicotine free vape and e-liquids in the UK from us, we’ll deliver free of charge. Check out our full range of shortfills and concentrates today. You might also be interested in our nic shots, nic salts and 50/50s.

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  1. Banana & Mango 50/50 eLiquid from Just Juice Nicotine Free
    Mix & match any 3 for £10!
    Banana & Mango 50/50 10ml
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  2. Pineapple, Papaya & Coconut 50/50 eLiquid from Just Juice Nicotine Free
    Mix & match any 3 for £10!
    Pineapple, Papaya & Coconut 50/50 10ml
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  3. Watermelon & Cherry 50/50 eLiquid from Just Juice Nicotine Free
    Mix & match any 3 for £10!
    Watermelon & Cherry 50/50 10ml
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Additional Information

Is vaping without nicotine harmful?

Proylene Glycol is an odourless, colourless liquid which is thin in consistency. Its presence in e-liquid provides you with that “throat hit” which is usually linked to the sensation of smoking. Most of our customers find this desirable as it allows them to continue enjoying the feeling of Tabaco with none of the harmful chemicals or additives.

Is nicotine free vaping better?

Vaping without nicotine does have one rather large benefit. No nicotine! The removal of this highly addictive ingredient is one of the key steps many vapers take on their journey from quitting smoking.

Is nicotine free vaping addictive?

As there is 0% nicotine in this type of liquid, there is no addictive elements to be concerned about.

Can you vape without nicotine if you’re under 18?

No! Whether liquid has nicotine in or not it is still against the law to vape if you are under the age of 18.

What is the point of nicotine free e-liquid?

Liquid which is nicotine free offers vapers and former cigarette smokers the chance to wean themselves off nicotine entirely.