Menthol Vape Juice

Awaken and revitalise your senses with our range of expertly blended ice vape juices. These fruit over ice combinations deliver mouth-watering sweetness and tanginess on the inhale and a refreshing icy blast on the exhale.

Choose from an enticing variety of menthol e-liquids. For a tropical twist, check out combinations such as Guanabana & Lime on Ice. With notes of pineapple, banana and cream perfectly balanced by zesty citrus, it’s sure to hit the spot. For another exotic combination, the sweet and sour flavours of Kiwi & Cranberry on Ice blend perfectly with the cooling sensation of menthol.

Evoke the crisp fruitiness of summer cider with Apple & Pear on Ice. It’s sure to leave you all a- tingle. Or perhaps you’d like the rich juiciness of Fusion Mango & Blood Orange on Ice. Showcasing the honey tones of perfectly ripened mango, a punch of passionfruit and a tangy mix of blood orange, guava and citrus, it ticks all the boxes.

Our ice vape juices are available as shortfills, nic salts, 50/50s and concentrates. Place your order today to discover menthol e-liquid perfection.

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  1. Fusion Mango & Blood Orange on Ice 50/50 Nicotine Free Eliquid by Just Juice
    Fusion Mango & Blood Orange on Ice 50/50 10ml Eliquid
  2. Fusion Mango & Blood Orange on Ice Nic Salt by Just Juice
    Fusion Mango & Blood Orange on Ice 10ml Nic Salt
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