Just Juice of Great Britain is delighted to confirm our global brand marketing collaboration with Chinese hardware manufacturer Snowwolf.

The collaboration is an industry first of its type, both brands will be exclusively using the others products to advertise and promote, across but not limited to, all social media platforms, websites and trade shows across the world in 2020.

Previous brand collaborations in the industry have typically involved one off product launches or events. This will be very different.

Vapers and industry professionals alike can expect to see the two brands working together from this point onward with more exciting projects to come.

It is a huge step for multi award winning Just Juice, having only officially launched on the market in April 2019 to now working alongside one of the world’s biggest and best hardware producers in an industry first collaboration.

Just Juice is extremely proud to be taking our relationship with our Chinese counterparts to the next level.

Since initially working together following Hall of Vape in Stuttgart at the end of May, our working relationship has grown at a rapid rate and continues to grow each day.

Managing Director of Just Juice, Carlos Capitan, said: “Launched in April 2019 Just Juice has seen an incredible growth across EMEA and LATAM markets, all in all an incredible year for the business.

“Our steady growth across our target regions is a testament to the initial work undertaken by our development team to produce an incredible range of flavours. We have an innovative team and look forward to continued growth in 2020.

“Our brand collaboration with the incredible hardware range by Snowwolf is an opportunity for both companies to introduce products strategically across both e-liquid and hardware segments of the market.

“Our product development combined with Snowwolf technology, I believe, is a powerful partnership to showcase our products and unlock the full potential of both brands. As an indication of commitment, we will be exhibiting our products globally in 2020.”

Just Juice and Snowwolf have produced 300 custom designed counter stands (pictured below) which will be initially distributed to stores throughout the UK via BKS Tradeline, with plans to increase production and distribute globally.

Just Juice continues to expand at an exponential rate with more huge announcements to come in the next few months.