If you are new to the world of vaping, the different types of E-liquids and the terminology may be intimidating. Don’t worry! In this blog, we will discuss the different types of E-liquids and how you should use each one.  

What’s A Nicotine Shot?

A nicotine shot - often shortened to ‘nic shot’ - is typically a 10ml bottle of unflavoured nicotine liquid. Although packaged in a similar bottle to nicsalts and 50/50 10ml e-liquids, nicotine shots shouldn’t be added directly to an e-cigarette tank and vaped by themselves. Instead, its intended use is to be added to shortfills and larger bottles of nicotine-free e-liquid.

Take a look at our most popular nicotine shots:

NIc Nic 50VG 11MG/ML

What Are Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine Salts, or Nic Salts, are the same thing. A naturally forming nicotine found in tobacco leaves is blended with liquid, creating a suitable e-liquid that can be vaped.

Nicotine salts contain a stronger dose of nicotine than traditional e-liquids (11mg & 20mg) and they’re absorbed into the body quicker too, so they’re a great choice for recent smokers who’ve just made the switch to vaping.

Take a look at one of our most popular nicotine salts E-liquids:

Mango & Passion Fruit 10ML Nic Salt

What’s a 50/50 E-Liquid?

50/50 E-liquids are carefully crafted half-and-half blends of our premium propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) ingredients, our 50/50 e-liquids provide the perfect balance between flavour and vapour. Available in a choice of nicotine strengths (3mg, 6mg, or 12mg) as well as nicotine-free bases, these 10ml bottles of e-liquid really stand out from the crowd.

Check out one of our most popular 50/50 E-liquids, below:

Fusion Berry & Lemonade 10ML 50/50 E-liquid

What is a Shortfill?

The name “shortfill” comes from the fact that the bottle isn’t filled up fully. They are completely nicotine free with a large range of flavours available.  The empty space in the bottle is for you to fill up with a nicotine shot or nic salt of your choice, this allows you to create your perfect flavour.

Have a look at one of the popular shortfall E-liquids:

Apple & Pear On Ice Shortfil

What Are Concentrates?

A Concentrate E-liquid is what provides the juicy flavour of an e-liquid. They are produced to be used as stand-alone flavour recipes or blended to make your own flavour creations. Here at Just Juice, you have access to 13 high quality flavours. The number of flavour combinations is truly mind blowing. If you are an experienced vaper, concentrates are just the thing for you.

Take a look at one of the most popular concentrate, below:

Kiwi & Cranberry On Ice

Choose Just Juice For Your Vaping Needs

If you’re still struggling with the different types of E-liquids, please get in touch with our vaping experts today. We are always happy to assist you in any way we can.

We also have a number of helpful guides available for you to take a look at.