You may have read stories in the newspaper or on social media about the dangers of disposable vapes, with some articles even going as far as to suggest they may ‘explode’. We’re here to help you understand all about disposable vapes, so that you can be rest assured that your device is not going to explode any time soon.

Beware of illegal disposable vape devices

It is important to know that any disposable vape that is legally being sold in the UK has been first tested by specific health regulatory bodies such as the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency).  They ensure that each device complies with UK law in areas such as battery, amount of liquid that can be held, nicotine dosage and e-liquid ingredients. A single product must pass all of these tests to be deemed safe for a consumer on the high street.

Whilst many disposable vape devices are pre-filled with 20mg of nicotine, which is the legal limit in the UK and Europe, an increasing number of consumers are getting their hands on illegal devices that contain as much as 50mg of nicotine. This is happening because, in markets outside of the EU, such as China and the US, this is a legal strength.

However, these illicit products are making their way into retailers across the UK, as demand for disposable vapes increases. These products, which are illegal for sale in the UK, are only produced for Non-EU markets, with many missing important warning labels.

Check your disposable vape packaging before purchase

Social media platforms are currently rife with users complaining about the side effects of these illegal, potentially harmful devices entering the UK market - with many reporting incidents of sore throat, banging headaches and nose bleeding. Of course, this is extremely worrying, and we’d advise consumers to check the packaging of the products before purchase.

Read our helpful 5 point disposable vape checklist which lets you know how to spot which disposable vapes are legal.